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Inner peace ansichtkaarten

Mansukh Patel & Caroline Schröder


7 Kaarten met envelop

Tijdelijk: € 10,- (gratis verzending)

Elke extra set kost slechts 5 euro.


Zeven fotostillevens gecombineerd met (Engelstalige) teksten over ‘Innerlijke vrede’ van de mysticus en vredesactivist Mansukh Patel. De kaarten zijn zo ontworpen en gevouwen dat ze neergezet kunnen worden ter inspiratie en verstilling.


Ontwerp: Albert Hennipman





This life is your song

Write your own lyrics and dance with it

The flowing river is unique in every moment

Everything is in a flux of change

and this moment will not repeat itself so







May all beings be at peace

May all beings find the true peace

that lies in their own hearts

Live your life with power and courage so that

others are inspired to do the same

From the stillness of your own being

learn to listen...

to the sounds of nature...

to your own presence...

Listening is a means of inner revelation


The sun may appear no larger than your hand

Yet even the three worlds are too small to contain its light

It's not what you look at

but what you see

that matters